Prevent a Car Stopped in the Coronavirus Quarantine from giving a Problem: See the care range from starting the engine, locks and electric windows, windshield washer and cleaner and air conditioning also deserve attention.

Prevent a Car Standing in the Coronavirus Quarantine

It is common knowledge that since the New Coronavirus appeared, the order is to stay at home. But what about your car? It also needs a lot of preventive care so that it operates comfortably well during the entire period of use. But sometimes, if it needs to be used in an emergency, it is able to operate.

We have drawn up a list of measures, but it is important to say: Social isolation must still be the top priority.

From 02 (two) or up to 03 (three) times a week, at least the unused car engine must be started for at least 10 (ten) to 15 (fifteen) minutes, or until the working temperature engine is reached.

But Attention: Never do this in closed garages.

  • In Building basements, care must be Redoubled
    • Think of the Following Example
      • Imagine if everyone does this at the same time … If necessary, create conversation groups with the residents and establish coordinated action. Preferably – and if possible – stop with the exhaust facing the exit gate so that the wind disperses the gases.

Car Accessories

Equipment also often malfunctions after a long period of inactivity. While waiting for the engine to warm up, the driver must perform two cycles of activation of the electrical devices.

  • Up and also
  • Looking Down,
  • Lock and
  • Unlock Doors,
  • Wash the windshield to
    • Activate the Water Ejectors and
    • Cleaners.

Air conditioning

  • Another item that deserves special attention is air conditioning.
    • Right after the engine starts, the system must be turned on in the cooling mode for 05 (five) minutes, ensuring the engine lubrication.

For the remaining time, the compressor must be turned off and the hot air turned on, and must remain in this position while the engine is running. The heated air prevents the formation of condensation in the pipes.

This measure does not just prevent the bad smell in the cabin. Moist pipes and filters give rise to fungi that can trigger allergies and even severe respiratory diseases.

Air Conditioning Filters

See the care ranging from starting the engine, locks and electric windows, washer and windshield cleaner and air conditioning also deserve attention.
Veja os Cuidados vão desde de Ligar o Motor, Travas e vidros elétricos, lavador e limpador de para-brisa e ar-condicionado também merecem atenção.

Unfortunately, many brands neglect to apply cabin filters. In fact, if your car’s is saturated and it is not possible to replace it, it may be the case to remove it. Your replacement should be done as soon as possible.

Since the moment is restricted to running, keeping the tank full will only serve to feed the engine with old fuel. With the arrival of autumn, give preference to gasoline, since, in low temperatures, the cold starts of engines fueled with ethanol require more battery charge.

More Attention

If you refuel with a different fuel than what you have been consuming, run for a few minutes so that this new one starts to power the engine. Otherwise, the control unit may have difficulty adjusting the parameters to start the engine when necessary.

If you need to go to the service, take the opportunity to calibrate the tires with the highest pressure recommended by the manufacturer. To avoid contamination, avoid using the calibrator on your own during this period. It will be a sign of respect for employees to let only them be coordinated in the use of the equipment.

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